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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Journey to Average Entry 2

Well. Today marks the end of day 8 of the Dukan Diet. I am down 5.2lbs and extremely proud of myself for sticking to a diet plan for 8 days!! It hasn't been TOO rough, but I think I am past the being hungry all the time phase because I find myself eating just 3 meals and 1 snack a day now. I am up to more than 8 glasses of water because I am SO thirsty and I have added the occasional diet soda as Dr. Dukan says it helps curb the sweet craving. I must admit that he is right because it surely has helped. The only REAL reason behind me adding it is because I can't drink my morning coffee anymore. I was used to it every day with a ton of rich, fattening creamer, but now that I cannot have it, skim milk just wasn't cutting it so until I can have my creamer back or can find something that makes my coffee taste good again, the diet soda and tea are going to have to do!

Today I also received a call from the local radio station. I entered a contest of theirs a few weeks back, before I started this diet and when I was 167lbs, for a weight loss challenge and they picked me! I was in the middle of fixing my taxes when she called so it really didn't sink in until later that I WILL BE GETTING A WHOLE MONTH OF FREE EXERCISE AND COMPETING FOR 3 MORE FREE MONTHS!! I need this last little push to boost the weight loss efforts and maybe get to that ultimate goal that much faster. The only catch is that we have to be evaluated by One Life Fitness. Hopefully I can pass their tests and get this party started!

That is about it for the updates on my fit-nass. As soon as I can get some links to the radio station and One Life Fitness, maybe I can link them up here on my blog and increase traffic a bit. Of course I will also be posting a before picture on here before we start working out. GO TEAM COREY!


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