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Friday, November 13, 2009

Candle Safety: A Lesson Well Learned

Just a little wake up call to all of us who use candles for light and on a daily basis for scent...BE CAREFUL! Our neighbors were using them because we had no power most of the day yesterday and weren't expected to get our power back until tomorrow night. Around 1030a this morning, an unattended candle was the cause of this...


What they didn't lose to this fire, I am sure they will have to replace because of smoke and water damage. From the time they called 911 to the time the firefighters were on scene it took about 10 minutes and we are about 2 minutes from a fire station. This was a fire that used fire fighters from 6 stations!! And it only took the fire about 15 minutes at most to look like these pictures.

Fortunately for us, we got our power back, but only because DOM had to come out and cut the lines to their house after the fire was out so they just stayed and fixed the lines in our neighborhood. My son calls the Norfolk Firefighters "heroes". Today, to him, they were since they saved our house and put out the fire next door so quickly.

Stay safe!