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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Journey to Average...continued

Man has it been a busy 8 days! Baseball and softball really keep this family on the go. I'm not complaining though because all of this running around has been GREAT for the weight loss! I am down UNDER 160lbs! Granted I am only down to 158, but I was so excited to jump on the scale on Wednesday morning and not see a 6 anymore! I am now just sitting at 158 and have been for 4 weigh-ins. I think it is time for some sort of change up in my eating habits. I have 2 months until phase 3 and 20lbs to go so I have to figure this out.

What I Eat/Drink
I am up to 2+qts of water per day, 1 diet soda, 1 10oz cup of coffee black, sweetened with Spenda...those are my liquids.
I eat my 2 tablespoons of oat bran with 5oz of plain greek yogurt sweetened with Splenda in the morning
I also eat 2 pieces of turkey bacon (thinking I am going to cut this out) and the equivalent to 2 egg whites via Egg Beaters. Sometimes I will eat 2 regular eggs, but I am not a fan of the fried egg anymore.
I haven't been hungry at lunch, but I try to slip in a can of tuna or some turkey slices with dijon mustard and on my veggie days I add cucumbers and tomatoes.
At dinner I do fish, steak, chicken, hen or burger. If I am on a veggie day I add cucumbers, tomatoes and salad with homemade dressing from the Dukan book.

My Exercise
The book says basically to keep doing what you were doing before if you were exercising. If you weren't exercising, then walk. I was in physical therapy and doing core training so I came up with a little something for me
AM: Pelvic tilts 3 sets of 10
Crunches 3 sets of 10
Walk 20-30 minutes sometimes with the dog
We also spend a lot of time at the ball field where we are constantly standing and walking from field to field so I add that in to my daily workout. I joined and started a food journal as well as trying to track my exercise as best I can.

I see improvements that others may not see. My pants are looser, my bra isn't as tight (bad thing, but oh well), my love handles are disappearing and I do not crave the carbs I used to. In fact, I tempted myself by eating a few Hardee's fresh cut fries and my body decided it didn't care for them, IF you know what I mean! The one thing I have had to restart taking is a multi-vitamin. I am just too tired and I know it is from not getting enough vitamins. My body is already vitamin deficient as it is so dieting like this is just making it worse. I am taking one specifically for women, fortified with D3, calcium and iron. Hopefully it will give me the boost I need. I also take biotin on a regular basis. It helps your metabolism too.

One thing I am sad to report is that I am probably going to have to give up my spot on Hot 100.5's weight loss team. I am an extremely busy sports mom right now and they want to work out at NIGHT and on the weekends...time that I am the most busy! So, unless Corey decides it is ok for me to work on my own, I will be dropping from the competition. Oh well, I have the base to rely on if I ever get my ass out there!


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