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Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Not The 90's Anymore...Unfortunately

My kids are all public school children...for now. While I love the time alone from September to mid-June, I get a rude awakening when I hear stories about some of the young middle school girls in my daughter's home room. What I thought was a better environment for my child is turning out NOT to be. When I hear "Sydnie is one of the good girls at school and there are only like 5 of us!" I cringe and want to keep her home, locked in her room until she is 21. When I see marks on the arms of 12yr olds that are from a game called "Eraser", I am reminded of what I used to do only I was in high school. What ever happened to sleepovers, prank calling, bloody Mary and toilet papering people's houses? Now there's sex, drugs, smoking and running away before you even get out of middle school!

Like I wrote before, I'm not a perfect mother or wife, nor do I try to be, but I DO strive to raise my children to the best they can be. I want them to succeed in life, not fail. They walk out the door in the morning KNOWING that if they EVER do anything like what these girls and boys in middle school are doing (smoking, sneaking out in the middle of the night, talking nasty to their parents, even "making out" with the opposite sex because they think they can) that I will personally sign their death certificate and hand it to the coroner then throw myself in jail! I know what I did as a teenager and I was NOT nice to my mom all the time, but I did NOT disrespect her the way these kids do. If I were to ever speak to my mother the way I hear some of these kids speak to their parents, I would have false front teeth right now. If I came home with eraser burns at the age of 12, I'm pretty sure she would have done something equally as drastic. Again, I wasn't perfect then, but I had respect and I teach my children respect...even if I have to threaten bodily harm. (I kid...kinda)

With that said, I am really thinking about pulling my children and home schooling them if we do not get transferred out of Norfolk or if we do not sell this house and move somewhere "safer" or more up to my "standards". I'm not quite sure what my standards are, but I just don't want my 12yr old being one of the ONLY good girls in school. I'd like her to have a lot of people she can rely on, not just a select few. And I don't want to feel like I have to be afraid of becoming a grandmother in the near future just because these girls are so so very influential. Ugh. Being a mom is really hard work. Anyone want my job?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Don't Have To Be Perfect

Over the years, mostly the past 7yrs of being a "housewife", I have often been jealous of fellow mothers and the neat and tidiness of their homes when I would visit for playdates or get togethers. It always made me feel like less of a person because I couldn't be that neat and clean, always dust-free, not a speck of food on the counter. As I got older, the feeling got worse and grew into a sort of phobia. I really didn't like the super clean freaks to come to my house because I didn't want to be judged by how much dust was on my TV stand or how many kool aid stains were on the kitchen counter.

I've always kept my house CLEAN, but there has always been clutter somewhere in plain sight. To the average OCDer, my house would drive them to the looney bin. In order for there not to be dust on things, I would have to dust every single day and, well, that's just not gonna happen. In order to get rid of all the stains on my kitchen counters and floor, them bitches have to be replaced and unless someone can give us $10,000...that isn't happening either.

I am a housewife, yes, and keeping house is my "job", but it is not my life. I have 3 beautiful children to tend to as well as 3 dogs, a pool, friends, a husband, school, my crafting business and whatever else my happy butt wants to do. I'm not perfect in any way, shape or form, but I think if I can keep my house clean, free from mice (another post in it's own!!) and pests and do the laundry so the people who live here don't stink when they leave, I am doing my job. I am a mom and mom's don't have to be perfect.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 10...Who's Laughing Now?! (my homework)

It is coming to the end of the 10th day of being off the "crack". I DID have to log on and post to some people to get addresses for my Pay-it-Forward 2011 gifts and once today to tag one of my Pay-it-Forward 2011 recipients and boy did I get crap from one of my friends JUST for doing that! All that matters is that I went a FULL WEEK without even rolling my cursor over that word even once! And if anyone knows my routine they would know the first thing I do after clicking on the Safari circle is to click on the "crack" button. I proved to my mother and my husband and to my disbelieving friends that I could stay away for longer than 3 days. (Ass holes) Even if I did log on, it wasn't to update my status, check up on my friends or do anything but ask for some addresses and post some pictures. Before my sabbatical I was on there all day long. I sat at my computer from the time I got up until I went to sleep taking breaks only to take and pick up kids from school and to make dinner. Occasionally I would clean up, do some laundry, run a mop over my floors, but I neglected so much. I napped every day because I used my eyes so much on the damn computer.

In the 10 days I have been off I have gotten caught up on house work and sewing, laundry can kiss my ass is always backed up and school work... I've been doing so much around the house that (like how I changed the subject?!) I have been falling asleep sitting up watching TV with my husband by about 2200 every night. It's sad, really. When I was on the "crack" I could stay up all hours of the night. Huh. Kinda like the real thing! In 4 short days my 2 week sabbatical will be up and I will be back on the "crack", updating and posting as usual. Probably not on like I used to because my house smells MUCH better when I take care of it and so do my kids!(Kidding) I will probably give myself a schedule and include blogging as part of my computer time. Gots to keep my 7 followers up to date on my "crack" usage!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook Sabbatical...

This is day 1 of my facebook sabbatical and I must say I have done a damn good job at it! I feel like I am out of the loop, but I have to remember that there WAS life before Mark Zuckerberg's crack. I got quite a bit done today without my Z-crack but with the help of my liquid crack 5hr Energy and Amp. Yep, I found a new love! YAY! I didn't do ANY homework, just HOUSEwork but shit, my HOUSE needed it. The homework can wait. I have a ton of things on my "to do" list and I have only crossed off like 2 out of the ton.

I started my day by shopping for cleaning supplies. While there I found some cute bags on clearance that I immediately got an awesome craft idea for for my girls and 2 of their friends. Once home, I turned on my tunes and cleaned the bathroom, organizing and throwing away 1 bag of shit I hoarded crap, cleaned and organized the area I call the pit of more shit I hoard missing things getting 2 more bags of crap and 1 bag of flat sheets (who uses those things anyway?) to send to Salvation Army. I then took a break to work on my awesome craft idea. I embroidered the kids' names on the bags for impromptu gifts! How exciting! By the time I was done, it was time to get the kid. When we got back I finished folding and putting away the sheets, checked all my email (perused the internet), yelled at the boy to finish his homework then loaded everyone into the van for free kids meal night at Hooters!

After Hooters, we came home. The kids fed the dogs and wrote Uncle Mike letters, dad did homework and I cleaned the REALLY cleaned it. I threw out another bag of shit I hoarded crap! Swept and mopped the floor, put everything in its place and set the dishwasher to start at save energy. I then sat here reading Craigslist ads like I used to, BEFORE Zuckerberg Crack.

1 day down...13 more to go. I can DO this.