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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let Me Get You an Update...or not

Wow! I let almost a whole year FLY by without a word from my potty mouth! So much has happened in that year that I would have to write a blog about it. Wait...that's why I HAVE a freakin' blog! Duh. Anyway, the time for new orders for our crew is fast THURSDAY of this week we will get our first "peek" at where we might land in January of 2013. I am nervous and excited all at once. We have lived here in VA for the past 8 1/2 years, which is rare for a military family. To move away would be really fun, exciting and nerve wracking. The boy has always lived in this house (except for the month he lived in an apartment before we could move in here) so it may be sad for him. This would be the girls' first time REMEMBERING a move. And for us, well for Balla and I as a couple, it would be our 2nd REAL move together if we have to leave VA. Even if we have to stay we plan on renting out this house and finding a better school district so our oldest can be in a good place for high school.

Besides that excitement, we lost a few friends to military moves. While it is sad, it is part of the life we live. My best friend left in October and it was the first time EVER I cried when a friend left. It was truly one of the hardest things I have had to do being a military WIFE. The military also let a few of our friends "go" and they will have to make a decision in September of this year if they are going to stay here in VA or pack it up and get out of dodge. If I were them, I would be packing it up! I'm ready for a change!

Being a military family can be trying and rewarding all in one great big package. You get 3 years of daddy or mommy being home then 3 years of them constantly being gone. The being gone part can really take it's toll on a child and even a spouse. The best thing to do when your spouse gets deployed is STAY BUSY! The ship should have an FRG...get involved! I know some FRG's are crazy and full of drama, but go to ONE meeting and find out first before you chalk it up as a loss. Get connected with the community and other spouses on the ship, if you can handle other spouses on the ship. I am not speaking negatively, but sometimes women don't get along with other women and vice versa. Get your kids into sports or karate or something that gets you and them out of the house. Staying cooped up will only keep you on the internet reading articles on what is going on out there in the ocean where you have NO CONTROL and freak you out. There are pirates out there and our sailors and soldiers are going to be out there messing with them, that is their job for the time being.

Anyway, I totally got off track and did not update you like I planned, but whatev! I hope this finds all of my 6 followers in good health!


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