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Friday, April 20, 2012

My Journey to Average Entry 1

I know I said I would write about this another day, but I started a Facebook status and ended up with this:

Learning to adjust, adapt and overcome with my food has been interesting. Tonight I found a new favorite...haters don't hate...non-fat, plain Greek yogurt sweetened with splenda, flavored with a touch of almond extract. Calms my craving for sweets and makes this plain yogurt not taste like sour cream!

I am PROUD of myself for being able to stick with something so strict. Even though we are allowed to eat as much as we want protein-wise, the no fat, no sugar, no carbs can be a kick in the @$$. When I started reading the book I weighed 167lbs. I wanted to start then, but knew I needed to wait until after I got my last back injections. I ended up losing 2lbs just because this last injection made me a bit queasy and not want to eat as much. My starting weight on Monday was 165.2lbs. After only 4 "attack" days, I weighed in this morning at 161.1lbs...4.1lbs lighter! I was skeptical because I have staggered with my weight, and was actually thinking about quitting yesterday because I was sitting at 162 for 3 days!!! When I woke up and jumped on the scale and it hit that 161 I almost screamed with happiness. I didn't change a thing I was doing, kept with the plan and just pushed through that little bit of doubt and I came out of the first phase with success!

Now is the hard part...getting to the ultimate goal. If I stay on track, I should be able to get there by our anniversary!! That would be an awesome gift to myself and my husband. I know he loves me just the way I am, but for me to feel good about myself would make him even more happy. I only have a few obstacles that stand in my way that won't be very hard to overcome or come back from, one of them being Greek Fest that is coming up May 12th. I am IN LOVE with Greek food and I do not think that is on my pure protein or veggie diet. Of course there is room for one day of binging, but do I want to do that for something that I love or can I wait until after I have learned how to control myself? I think I can probably wait! The other obstacle is our HUGE family vacation, one week in OBX with lots of time to have fatty, rich food. I can control what I eat there on MOST of the days...just bring/buy what I can eat and stray away from the no-no foods. I will be really close to my goal by then so it will be super tempting to stray and try things like alcohol, which you cannot have until the last phase, or fried fish, which I LOVE. All of it can be done. If I can pass up clearance Easter candy, I can do a week with family and can skip out on 1 Greek Festival!!

Anyway, I will give periodic updates...mainly on my weight...just for my personal motivation. If you are interested in knowing what this diet is all about, feel free to email me at and I will fill you in a little!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I do Greek Yogurt with a bit of local honey and lemon. Now I must try almond extract! Keep up the good work.

Rachelle Lynne said...

How much sugar is in local honey? I have a TON of it but it is sweet. I know it's natural, and this diet is all about natural, but do natural sugars have a lot of carbs and calories??