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Friday, April 20, 2012

Grades and Teens Oh MY!

I've been out a computer for a whole week because my damn dog got on the table while we were all out and spilled water so my poor MAC sat in water for over an hour. I had to soak it in a bag of rice for a few days and even though it still works, and I am typing on it now, the space bar doesn't work neither do a few other keys so I ended up getting a wireless keyboard and mouse. I kinda like this set up a lot better.

Today is report card day. This is the day that makes me feel either good or like a really horrible parent. Today I feel like an awesome parent! All 3 devilish kiddos did great this time around. 1 C between the 3 of them, the rest A's and B's. I guess we are doing something right with them. At least I HOPE we are doing right. Some days I wonder if I can do more.

We have a teenager. I have been dreading the teenage years since I started having kids 14yrs ago. I remember what I was like and it scares the crap out of me to think about MY kids being like ME. Unfortunately I probably deserve whatever these kids do to me for all the turmoil I put my mother through when I was a sneaky teen. I am already seeing my sneakiness in my oldest. Not the best quality to pass on to your child, but I guess you grow out of it with time! I have nothing to go by here in VA. All of my friends have babies. I am all alone in the teenage world for now. I am hoping if we move that I will be able to find some friend with kids MY kids' ages.

Well, it's time for baseball/softball and dinner. Next time I will have to tell you all (my secret 6) about my new diet and how awesome it is going! I'm pretty excited!


"""Note To Your Teenagers"" Outdoor Sign"
"Spot This is Not a Teenager Wall Decal"

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