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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 10...Who's Laughing Now?! (my homework)

It is coming to the end of the 10th day of being off the "crack". I DID have to log on and post to some people to get addresses for my Pay-it-Forward 2011 gifts and once today to tag one of my Pay-it-Forward 2011 recipients and boy did I get crap from one of my friends JUST for doing that! All that matters is that I went a FULL WEEK without even rolling my cursor over that word even once! And if anyone knows my routine they would know the first thing I do after clicking on the Safari circle is to click on the "crack" button. I proved to my mother and my husband and to my disbelieving friends that I could stay away for longer than 3 days. (Ass holes) Even if I did log on, it wasn't to update my status, check up on my friends or do anything but ask for some addresses and post some pictures. Before my sabbatical I was on there all day long. I sat at my computer from the time I got up until I went to sleep taking breaks only to take and pick up kids from school and to make dinner. Occasionally I would clean up, do some laundry, run a mop over my floors, but I neglected so much. I napped every day because I used my eyes so much on the damn computer.

In the 10 days I have been off I have gotten caught up on house work and sewing, laundry can kiss my ass is always backed up and school work... I've been doing so much around the house that (like how I changed the subject?!) I have been falling asleep sitting up watching TV with my husband by about 2200 every night. It's sad, really. When I was on the "crack" I could stay up all hours of the night. Huh. Kinda like the real thing! In 4 short days my 2 week sabbatical will be up and I will be back on the "crack", updating and posting as usual. Probably not on like I used to because my house smells MUCH better when I take care of it and so do my kids!(Kidding) I will probably give myself a schedule and include blogging as part of my computer time. Gots to keep my 7 followers up to date on my "crack" usage!

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