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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook Sabbatical...

This is day 1 of my facebook sabbatical and I must say I have done a damn good job at it! I feel like I am out of the loop, but I have to remember that there WAS life before Mark Zuckerberg's crack. I got quite a bit done today without my Z-crack but with the help of my liquid crack 5hr Energy and Amp. Yep, I found a new love! YAY! I didn't do ANY homework, just HOUSEwork but shit, my HOUSE needed it. The homework can wait. I have a ton of things on my "to do" list and I have only crossed off like 2 out of the ton.

I started my day by shopping for cleaning supplies. While there I found some cute bags on clearance that I immediately got an awesome craft idea for for my girls and 2 of their friends. Once home, I turned on my tunes and cleaned the bathroom, organizing and throwing away 1 bag of shit I hoarded crap, cleaned and organized the area I call the pit of more shit I hoard missing things getting 2 more bags of crap and 1 bag of flat sheets (who uses those things anyway?) to send to Salvation Army. I then took a break to work on my awesome craft idea. I embroidered the kids' names on the bags for impromptu gifts! How exciting! By the time I was done, it was time to get the kid. When we got back I finished folding and putting away the sheets, checked all my email (perused the internet), yelled at the boy to finish his homework then loaded everyone into the van for free kids meal night at Hooters!

After Hooters, we came home. The kids fed the dogs and wrote Uncle Mike letters, dad did homework and I cleaned the REALLY cleaned it. I threw out another bag of shit I hoarded crap! Swept and mopped the floor, put everything in its place and set the dishwasher to start at save energy. I then sat here reading Craigslist ads like I used to, BEFORE Zuckerberg Crack.

1 day down...13 more to go. I can DO this.


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