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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Don't Have To Be Perfect

Over the years, mostly the past 7yrs of being a "housewife", I have often been jealous of fellow mothers and the neat and tidiness of their homes when I would visit for playdates or get togethers. It always made me feel like less of a person because I couldn't be that neat and clean, always dust-free, not a speck of food on the counter. As I got older, the feeling got worse and grew into a sort of phobia. I really didn't like the super clean freaks to come to my house because I didn't want to be judged by how much dust was on my TV stand or how many kool aid stains were on the kitchen counter.

I've always kept my house CLEAN, but there has always been clutter somewhere in plain sight. To the average OCDer, my house would drive them to the looney bin. In order for there not to be dust on things, I would have to dust every single day and, well, that's just not gonna happen. In order to get rid of all the stains on my kitchen counters and floor, them bitches have to be replaced and unless someone can give us $10,000...that isn't happening either.

I am a housewife, yes, and keeping house is my "job", but it is not my life. I have 3 beautiful children to tend to as well as 3 dogs, a pool, friends, a husband, school, my crafting business and whatever else my happy butt wants to do. I'm not perfect in any way, shape or form, but I think if I can keep my house clean, free from mice (another post in it's own!!) and pests and do the laundry so the people who live here don't stink when they leave, I am doing my job. I am a mom and mom's don't have to be perfect.

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Sasynumom said...

Wow its like I wrote those words myself! As long as everyone is fed, clean, healthy and happy the rest isn't so important!

Pam said...

I'd much rather have happy, healthy children and a happy life than a spotless house anyway! Mine has never been a "showplace" and never will be, but there is an over abundance of love in my house and people are always welcomed with open arms. That is worth more to me any day of the week! Smile mom, you ROCK!