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Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Hell In A Diva Purse

Originally posted at by me but had to share with my blogger friends as well! :) Enjoy!

Last night I "hosted" my daughter's 10th birthday party which just so happened to be her first ever sleepover. She invited 10 girls from her class and 1 girl from the neighborhood and 6 from her class came as well as the girl from the neighborhood. Ages ranged from 9 to 12. The girls started to arrive promptly at 5pm with their sleeping bags, bookbags, presents and cell phones...yes, CELL PHONES!!!!! I was in the kitchen finishing cooking the pizzas, covered in cake batter. I was totally exhausted from preparing. The last girl arrived around 6pm and we started the "festivities" at about that time with a Diva Toast...totally their idea. I bought ginger ale and root beer just to limit the amount of non-sleep inducing products in my home. I was hoping to get to sleep around 1am. :D Next was cupcake decorating, followed by another Diva Toast. We then did presents, more Diva Toasts, then ice cream with several Diva Toasts. They then wanted a shot at being an American Idol. Oh boy. 7 out of the 8 girls played 2 rounds and were done. That was it for them, they were bored.

They then went downstairs to chat. It got EXTREMELY loud so I went on down to check it out and they were down there beating the crap out of each other with their pillows. That's fine and dandy, but they were aiming for heads and heads only!!! REALLY?? Can't you get some kind of head injury or something? I let them beat on each other for a bit because I was still hoping for that 1am bedtime and it was only 730pm. :) About an hour later, the first bout of crying began. :lol: Of course the first girl to cry was my kid and I know how much of a drama queen she is so I stifle my laugh when she says she is upset because no one wants to play with her. Then the next girl comes up and says one of the other girls said she didn't like her and that was why she was crying. The night continued on like that, one girl crying, then two until finally I had had enough and called them all in for a "Diva Mom Chat". :lol: :lol: :lol: By this time my blood pressure was probably so high I should have been confined to my bed, but I couldn't find my BP monitor to check it, I was so mad at these girls! :evil: It was 1130pm and super close to my 1am bedtime. :roll: I told them they needed to sit in front of me and discuss their problems right now before they could get up. Then all Diva Hell broke lose. All the Divas started to cry about how they missed their parents who were out to sea or their dad who was a deadbeat oh and one girl even told all the girls about how she missed her mom because she didn't like living with her dad but she didn't have a choice cuz her mom was IN JAIL!?!?! Finally I thought I had got it through to them that it was time to settle, be nice and chill.

OH HELL NO! Not 15 min had passed and they were at it again!!! This time they were slapping each other! :shock: :shock: Supposedly they were playing a game of some sort. I told them that had to stop before someone got hurt. At that point of the night I became the worst mother in the world because they all wanted to leave. (BTW, I tried movies, games and just letting them sucked!) 1am came and went. 2am came and went. I fell asleep sometime between 1 and 2 and when I woke up there was an injured girl and TONS of girls screaming!! I get up and all I could smell was peanut butter. OMG. There was PB all over the place. :evil: :evil: It was on the floor and the walls and the sink...everywhere but where WE used to put it when we had sleepovers! I was finally pissed. There were 2 girls who were asleep, some who WANTED to sleep and some that just wanted to be...Divas is the word I will give them for now! So, I told Sydnie to pick 3 girls to come up with me to the living room and 3 BEGGED to come up so they could go to sleep. The other 4 slept in Sydnie's room, which is actually our gameroom. By now it is creeping up on 3am. Noise is still billowing from Sydnie's room and I yell down a few more times and it turns to whispers. The girls up with me can't sleep because the floor is way hard and I feel bad for them. Then the dog starts to snore so it is way harder for them to fall asleep. Finally, at 330a, the last girl falls off to Diva Wonderland, then Miss Lady Bird, my dog, decides she has to pee. YAY! I finally get to MY Wonderland around 4am, just in time for me to have to wake the Divas back up at 9am.

I have a before picture of all of them together, when the night was young. I wish I would have thought with my tired mind to take a picture of them the next day all tattered and tore up!!! :lol: :lol: Never again will I host a sleepover like that in my home. I will steal the idea of the mother who came to pick up one of the girls and rent a hotel room with an adjoining room! One January birthday down, one more to go.

My Diva at 3

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