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Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm Ready (Post Written on

Ready to go back to Virginia
Ready to see my doggies...I miss them sooo much
Ready to sleep in my own bed
Ready to be able to hide in my own room, with no kids
Ready to eat my OWN food when I decide to cook it
Ready to be done with this nasty weather
Ready to be done with Christmas Vacation
Ready to be in MY home
Ready for January 15th...even if you DON'T have a place to live, you can live with me!!!!!!!! ;)
Ready for this deployment to end so the end of sea duty is closer
Ready to go to coffee with my VIRGINIA friends since these Ohio women all want to hibernate
Ready for my Costa Rican rum...anyone want to join me?

I've been ready to leave here since I left Virginia. This place is super depressing and just makes it that much harder to be here on top of being without my husband and my grandfather. Add the fact that my mother has been off work only two whole days since we've been here, Christmas Day being one of them, doesn't help. She works days so she goes to bed at like 9pm. They don't eat a normal dinner so I have to figure out what to cook here and be sure to make enough for my kids and my step-dad and whomever else decides to come over at dinner time. OH and then we were informed last night that the water softner (they have well water) broke and that is why my mom and I have been sick for the past 3 days. (We drink a TON of coffee) My son got sick shortly after we got here with strep and LUCKILY I found a little clinic that took Tricare Prime so we only paid $3 for the antibiotics. Christmas Eve day I cut my eye opening packages I had delivered here, but it is now healing nicely! But Christmas Day went amazingly well. My mother bought $150 worth of petit fillets (steak) and cooked them on the grill. She also made crab soup and my grandmother brough over shrimp and noodles and LOTS of sweets. There was other stuff too like potatoes and this bread stuff and...yeah, I'm getting hungry. Before my sister left we had our Christmas fight over how I discipline my children. She thinks I yell at my middle child more than the other two but it just so happens the middle child has acted out the most in front of "Aunt Shay" for attention. Anyway, it ended with her boyfriend and our step-sister interveneing by giving my sister money. That always shuts her up! LOL! The end of the night was laden with beer and cards and basketball. It was nice.

If you made it this far, I commend you. Guess I should have blogged this instead. Maybe I will since I haven't done that in a while! LOL! Here's all the grandchildren posing nicely in front of the tree. Aren't they just adorable?! :) Happy Holidays to all and I can't wait to get back to my home.